Friday, December 6, 2013

3d printing a TARDIS

 Today I 3d printed a TARDIS

here's my first one. The quality of the 3d print was good but I think I can do better

After the first pic there's another showing a real TARDIS image

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank's Giving

So on thanks giving I had woken up ready to have a great Thank's Giving I sat and watched TV and played around waiting for my grandmother Donna to arrive. It was about 11:35 when we saw her car but 5 minutes later she still wasn't seen so we went the direction  her car went and see was rite by are place she just thought she was to early. She came in side and we all sat at the table except Alicia she stayed on the computer talk ing to her friends on Skype. So it was 3:00 in no time and Bill still was not there then 3:30 came and dinner was ready but Bill still was gone so we started to eat hoping he be there soon. We had just finished having dinner when the door bell  rang it was Bill my mom got out some food and warmed it up for him he ate his dinner then it was time for desert I had vanilla ice cream every one else had pie ala mode. After we where done grandma Donna left but Bill stuck around for a little bit then left after that I went to bed.