Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm back

So sorry it's been week since Iv'e bloged I had some stuff to do and now you can know what. Since it's been a long time I don't have a great memory I can only remember some day's.
I stayed home for about 4 hours then went to have dinner with my grandma Donna and her roommate Cathy. When we got to there house we sat down and petted there dog gracie. We waited for about 5 minutes then got our plates and had pasta with meat sauce. It was a good dinner after dinner we had some desert then stayed for about 3 more hours and I found out I have a new uncle who today has been alive for 8 days and is a foster baby. After we left we wen't to wall mart then home then to bed.As I said early I have a bad memory so I will skip some days.
I drooped my sister of at school then drooped my mom of at work then wen't to Tech Shop I did about 2 hours of Khan Academy then I wrote some of the blog then had lunch and more blog.  After a few minutes my dad and I picked up Alicia went home he went to a prison to give a speech and talk to people while Alicia and I waited at home. Then my mom got home and then she made dinner we watched some TV then my dad got home and then we wen't to bed.
It's no ordinary friday today make a wish is letting a five year old boy be bat man and fight his worst enemies as also has lunch still it's amazing! I drooped of my sister at school then my mom at work then went to Tech Shop. My dad and I did some stuff went to Carrels Jr then came back and caught up on the bat kid. Now I'm typing in all of this so now thank you to all of the people who read my blog and bye.

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