Friday, March 21, 2014

What Going On

Hi guy's and girls today I have AMAZING news on Monday March 24th I will turn 11 and if you would like too know what I'm doing heres what it is.
   On Sunday I will do a early celebration with my grandma, mom, dad and sister we will go bowling then have some lunch and cupcakes. After that we might see a movie though were not sure yet and I still can't decide what movie to see.
Monday my Birth Day…
   On my real Birth Day I will celebrate with my mom, dad, sister, Leeann and Blair. We will go bowling then have lunch then ice cream cake.


  1. well actually on sunday we will be having ice cream cake and LeeAnn will bring her home made cupcakes….

  2. I had a blast at your party Marc! Thank you so much for inviting me. Sorry I beat you at bowling :-)

    Love- LeeAnne